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Do you feel a  knowing in your bones that there is more to life?
A calling to live in a way that feels more true, more aligned, more vibrant?
A longing to share deeper levels of love, connection & intimacy?
An aching to feel totally at ease & at home in your self, in your body, on this Earth?
I created Awaken Your Medicine to offer experiential inner journeys that invite connection to the wisdom, love and guidance within, so we can manifest more of all that goodness in our lives.
For I believe you hold all the wisdom you’ll ever need within you. I believe we all are our own healers, we all are love, we all are divine.  We all hold unlimited medicine inside.
But often we forget that, or get disconnected from it.  Sometimes, just being asked the right questions, doing suitable practices, or simply feeling held in a space of loving acceptance allows us to blossom into our empowered, authentic selves.
So I’m here to share practices, tools, and safe spaces for you to deepen your rootedness in this life, and expand higher into limitless love. It brings me so much fulfilment to see you growing on your journey of loving yourself, loving life and living in a way that lights your fire ’n gets your juices flowing!
I wholeheartedly welcome you here. If it feels right to join us, it'd be an honour to walk this path together.
With love,










FREE Online Workshop

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Awaken Your Pleasure, Power & Purpose



Enjoy this 3-part video training series of simple yet powerful techniques that YOU can do that will make you feel more magnetic, confident and radiant in yourself, starting today!




Awaken Your Medicine through...

Awaken Your Sexual Medicine

Online Course



Deep-dive online group program for women.




1 -1 Coaching / Mentorship



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Vocal Activation /

Music Mentorship 






Luxury women's retreat in Costa Rica

11th - 18th October '24












"This is the kind of work that helps us heal ourselves and play a part in healing the world.
The work we did here felt sacred and significant.
Milli is an exceptional and skilled facilitator." 



"I am home! Life will never be the same after this workshop. I have discovered parts of myself that have been dormant for years.
My creative juices are flowing and my zest for life has been re-activated.
I feel grounded in the seat of my soul and free to be me. 


Thank you Milli for creating such a safe, loving, open, wild space for each of us to shine bright."




"It was so freeing, so magical, so powerful, so uplifting.
I loved every second of it and I left feeling full and euphoric...
full of hope, love, compassion, self worth and knowing I am safe again."




A little about me...

Most people know me as a musician / singer/ songwriter... This has been the raison d'être throughout my life. Over the last decade, the intention behind playing became less about entertainment, and more about creating and holding spaces for people to dive deep within.. a kind of shamanic journeying through sound.
I realised that it wasn't so much about the music as it was about where the music took me and others, the power that it has to shift emotions, open up realms within the psyche, and ultimately to evoke transcendental experiences. And I realised there are other tools that take us there as well.
And so I began to offer retreats that incorporated music, movement, breathwork and more to catalyse transformation, empowerment, deep connection to Self. The end-goal was creating the possibility of profound connection and self-realisation for people, and I began to study and weave in different techniques and modalities that could bring us closer to that intention.



"This workshop was everything I expected it to be and more. From song to dance to working through fear to connection. It was so powerful to come together as women in a supportive and loving environment. Thank you Milli for creating a safe space for me to step into my power and grace. Divine."



".. deep healing, sweet connection to the ancient ways, a reverence and honoring of the sacred, and an enormous amount of fun!”






"You are an amazing musician and healer. I was amazed by the music you were making, it felt like it was coming from a different realm. The space you created and held was wonderful. I joined you on a very deep and profound journey, largely disconnected from the rational mind and going deeper into the body and emotions. I felt very safe and held by you and could allow myself to relax and go deeper." 

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