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Welcome, beloved!


To this space that invites you to remember the medicine that you are.


That invites you to embody the medicine and gifts you carry.


And that supports you to shine that medicine far and wide, blessing your life and all of life.

 I believe that each of us, at our core, is pure love.
And that when we live free from the accumulated baggage of being human, we enter our natural state of bliss and vibrant aliveness.
However, through life we accumulate emotional wounds, traumas and thought patterns that shut down our life force energy. We disconnect, distract and numb out to avoid feeling  pain. Our hearts gradually close off to protect ourselves. And so, we close off from life.
It doesn’t have to be this way! Instead of closing, we can open more.
And when we do, whole realms of love, beauty and magic become our reality.
My mission is to support you in clearing through the debris…

So you may Know Yourself as Love.

The 3 pillars of Awaken Your Medicine...


Vocal Liberation, Creative Expression & Music

Embodiment & Erotic Embodiment

Plant Medicine, including preparation & integration


Hi, I'm Milli Moonstone.  


I’m a spiritual facilitator, musician and mentor. Since 2009, I’ve been guiding tens of thousands of people through deeply transformative inner journeys. 


My work supports people in realising and awakening to their divine essence, and from there, creating an aligned, authentic and empowered life.


This passion for awakening Deeper Love and Higher Consciousness is the intention behind all my various offerings.


I’ve facilitated or played music at over 800 ceremonies with Ayahuasca, founded the pioneering Tantrahuasca retreat, released various albums and musical meditations, performed around the world, launched 2 online courses, and mentor clients individually. 


Originally from England, I live in the jungle of Brazil at Terramaya Eco-Retreat Centre, where I manage and host retreats.



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Musings on living an extraordinary life...


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A guided journey of self-discovery and a deep dive into your true nature,


supported by two profound pathways for self-realisation: Tantra and Ayahuasca.


11th - 18th October 2024

Costa Rica




Words of Appreciaton...

"This is the kind of work that helps us heal ourselves and play a part in healing the world.
The work we did here felt sacred and significant.
Milli is an exceptional and skilled facilitator." 



"I am home! Life will never be the same after this workshop. I have discovered parts of myself that have been dormant for years.
My creative juices are flowing and my zest for life has been re-activated. I feel grounded in the seat of my soul and free to be me. 


Thank you Milli for creating such a safe, loving, open, wild space for each of us to shine bright."




"It was so freeing, so magical, so powerful, so uplifting.
I loved every second of it and I left feeling full and euphoric...
full of hope, love, compassion, self worth and knowing I am safe again."













ONLINE COURSE..  Coming soon!

Explore the power of your own voice as a pathway to healing, awakening your authentic self, opening to deeper love and expanding into higher consciousness.



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