Sacred Sexuality as a Pathway to Deeper Self-Love, Healing  & Empowerment


A deep-dive online journey for women

with Milli Moonstone


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Supporting you to:

Deepen Connection to your Body & Wild, Orgasmic Sexuality

Love & Be Loved with ALL of you

Show up to Life… Fully & Freely 


Explore sacred practices from the worlds of

tantra, breathwork, embodiment, shamanism, coaching and more

to create a potent cauldron for experiencing... 

Deep Love, Wild Pleasure & Ecstatic Union with the Divine!












Sexual energy goes far beyond what most people give it credit for… Sexual energy is the infinite, creative potential of life itself!

And exploring it in sacred space is a powerful pathway to self-awareness, self-acceptance and existential love.

It doesn’t need a partner, it doesn’t even need touch! 
It is the infinitely powerful force of existence, residing within you, ready to emerge and change your whole outlook on life.
And when you learn to cultivate and channel it, whole new realms of experience open up! 
Realms which most people never get to experience.
Imagine being able to access states of ecstatic bliss, radiant joy, heart-wide-open love, and a deep sense of connection to life itself.
And perhaps even the biggest gift this life can offer.. experiences of expanding and merging into the Oneness. 
How would that change things for you?
This online course offers practices to heal and awaken your own sexual energy, so you too can walk the path towards the magic that sacred sexuality offers.






Come with an open heart and a willing curiosity, and your own inner guidance will be your teacher.


It doesn’t matter what you believe!


The practices open the space for you to have your own experience - to find your own wisdom, healing and awakening, and transform from the inside out.



What Awaken Your Sexual Medicine will give you..


I’ve created this course inspired by nearly 20 years of my own journey of sexual and spiritual awakening.

The journey has been put together to guide you towards:

  • deepening connection to your body - leading to increased passion, juiciness, self-love, confidence, compassion and self-care.
  • cultivating and channelling life force energy - opening possibilities for heart-wide-open love and transcendental experiences.
  • bringing sensitivity and awareness to your truth moment to moment, so you recognise your boundaries
  • igniting the power within to communicate those boundaries and be empowered to move towards your dreams


  • healing wounds, trauma, shame and disempowering beliefs around your body, sexuality and self - so freeing yourself from chains of the past and making space for more soul-aligned ways of living 
  • awakening your creative potential, which gives greater capacity to trust in your spontaneous expression and greater resilience for dealing with life’s challenges.
  • exploring masculine and feminine energies within you, and how to bring them into harmony so they work together to support you.
  • sharing yourself authentically, which paves the way for deeply nourishing, intimate relationships.
AYSM is a fully comprehensive program that is designed to take you from wherever you are now to the heights of ecstasy and depths of intimacy.
It is an ongoing support system for you.. the meditations, practices and teachings held within this sacred portal will assist you in processing and navigating strong emotions, and also support you in developing your own capacity to hold yourself through struggles and challenges.
Doing these practices will also shift your consciousness from the inside out so that you may live more clean, clear and free and empowered to be your beautiful, wild, passionate and tender self.
It enlivens and enlightens. It empowers and ignites. It turns you on and tunes you in.





"I've been building a deeper relationship with myself. And through that, loving myself more strongly. I'm more open to receiving, and asking for what I want."




For true, deep and lasting transformation, we gotta work at all levels of being -

mind, body, emotions and spirit.  

It doesn’t work just to read a book! 
Throughout our time together, we dive into experiential practices
that explore these following 4 levels...

Mind - through inner inquiry and coaching, we bring awareness to beliefs, conditionings and thought patterns that are limiting our capacity for pleasure and connection. We explore techniques to open up new neural pathways in the brain, so we can create new beliefs and behaviours, and hence create new habits and lifestyles.

Body - unresolved trauma and repressed emotions cause contraction, tension and armouring in the body.  We explore practices to loosen and shake up these physical holdings, to liberate stuck energy.  This energy can then flow more freely through the body, which is a crucial part of channeling sexual energy to invoke spiritual states... and makes us feel more vibrant and alive.
Emotions - the course offers powerful meditations and inner journeys that put us in touch with buried emotions. “To feel is to heal” - we consciously choose to bring the light of our awareness to what is hidden and denied within, opening the possibility for healing.  This allows for softening and forgiveness around the parts that our hearts have hardened to, and invokes deeper compassion and love.
Spirit - we explore practices that can open realms of altered states of consciousness, energetic orgasms and experiences of merging into the “Oneness”.  We tap into the mystery of sexual energy as pure, unlimited life force energy, which gives boundless creativity, powerful self-confidence and the fulfilment of deeper meaning and purpose.

We go deep into the body, and high into spirit!





What to expect:

  • AYSM includes 9 modules featuring around 35 hours of meditations, practices and teachings.  


  • Experience the depth of an in-person Tantra retreat from the comfort and safety of your own home! (No need to worry about getting partnered with someone you don't want to be with!)


  • the course is pre-recorded, so you can dip into the practices in your own time.


  • Discover the course in your own way... either start at the start and move through chronologically, or do the practices or modules as and when they relate and resonate with what is current for you.


  • you will have continued access to the course as long as it is online.



In this course, the focus is on YOU, within and of yourself! 
On gifting yourself with deeper awareness and presence. 
Because the relationship you have with yourself is THE most important one... it affects all your other relationships, and your whole experience of being alive. 


When you do the work of transforming your inner world, this begins to be reflected in the outer world...
In your relationships, in how you show up, in your confidence to share yourself authentically, in your courage to go for your dreams and  live in a way that's truly aligned for you...
 Your whole life can change!

Need more help to decide?!...


This IS for you if:


  • You long to feel fully liberated and gloriously self-expressed in your sexuality, but are held back by inhibitions / guilt / shame / repression / judgements / fear. You know in your bones there is more to sex than you’ve been experiencing, but you just haven’t been able to get there. 
  • Your relationship with your body could be better. Maybe you don’t feel so at home in it, maybe you have critical thoughts about it, maybe you don’t treat it as well as you’d like.
  • You struggle to orgasm, or find yourself striving to orgasm during sex. Or you just wanna orgasm more!!  You feel numb or disconnected from parts of your body, or don’t feel pleasure from the simplest of heartfelt touches.
  • You long for true intimacy in relationship, to meet and be met at the deepest levels, but there are walls around your heart and you have fear to trust and open up. You don’t give yourself truly to anyone for fear of getting hurt.
  • Or you give yourself away too easily when it’s not really true for you, compromising yourself. You struggle to set boundaries and communicate clearly, and find yourself regretting things that have happened afterwards. 
  • You find yourself often in the head and it’s not so easy to really get into the body. You worry about how you look or what you’re doing during sex rather than being present with the flow of your own body and energy moment to moment.  
  • You feel “stuck” in life, or powerless to take steps towards living your dreams. You long to have more energy, feel more vibrant, more confident, more radiant, more truly yourself.
  • You’re ready to live fully, freely, gloriously and unashamedly YOURSELF!!


This is NOT for you if:

This is no light, fluffy course! The practices invite you to dig deep, and it may be challenging. It can take courage to open up to hidden realms within. So..
  • This isn’t for the faint-hearted!
  • This isn’t for those who aren’t prepared to do the work themselves.  
  • This isn’t for you if you just want things easy and comfortable.
  • This isn’t for you if you think spirituality is just about the light at all costs.  
The course invites you into experiencing the fullness of yourself - light and dark, pain and joy, inhibitions and freedoms. Because it is only through bringing awareness to all parts of self can we begin to truly, deeply love ourselves. And by extension, others too.


Meet your guide, Milli:

Hi! I’ve been exploring realms of the psyche and spirituality for my whole adult life, since a spontaneous sexual-spiritual awakening at the age of 20.  
For the past decade, I’ve been working with thousands of people around the world in facilitating their journeys of deep inner transformation and growth, incorporating techniques and philosophies from contemporary Western psychology and ancient Eastern spirituality, as well as other modalities I’ve found to be the most potent- sound healing, voice work, breath work, intuitive movement and embodiment, life coaching, tantra, shamanism and more.
Feedback I often receive from participants is how I make them feel very safe, comfortable, seen and heard just as they are, and yet also gently push them out of their comfort zones in ways that allow them to blossom into new levels of self-awareness and self-acceptance.  And that I intuitively know when to do each!
People connect with my sense of play, fun, and loosening up of inhibitions, while also holding a deeply compassionate and sacred space.




I invite you to feel into your inner knowing.. is this course for you?


If you’ve been feeling the call to experience deeper intimacy, a more liberated and fulfilling sexuality,
more expansive states of love and the confidence to be truly yourself...
I wholeheartedly welcome you into this program.
It would be an honour to accompany you on your journey of empowerment.
Please see the options below for how to join this sacred adventure... 


Pay Monthly


for 3 months

  • Full access to all 9 modules, featuring 35 hours of meditations, practices and teachings.
  • Get the depth of an in-person Tantra retreat from the safety and comfort of your own home!
  • Use AYSM as an ongoing support system. This sacred online portal can assist you in navigating the challenges of life, love and sex.
  • Pick and mix the practices that are relevant for you at any given moment, or move through the program sequentially to explore the potential of life force energy from survival to sex to spirit.
  • Get continuous access as long as AYSM is online.

Pay Upfront


one-time payment

  • Full access to all 9 modules, featuring 35 hours of meditations, practices and teachings.
  • Get the depth of an in-person Tantra retreat from the safety and comfort of your own home!
  • Use AYSM as an ongoing support system. This sacred online portal can assist you in navigating the challenges of life, love and sex.
  • Pick and mix the practices that are relevant for you at any given moment, or move through the program sequentially to explore the potential of life force energy from survival to sex to spirit.
  • Get continuous access as long as AYSM is online.