How to Make Resolutions that Actually Work

live an extraordinary life plant medicine Jan 12, 2024

The thing about resolutions is that they often come from the conscious mind..
By thinking, “What I want is [that]… And how I’m going to get [that] is by doing…”
We make a decision by one part of our being, or one voice in our head..

Then we often don’t stick with it because there are other voices or parts inside that are in opposition!..
Like.. we want to get fit… and we are also too tempted to eat that next packet of biscuits! 🙈
Do you relate?
>>> What we often miss is that the “I” that is wanting something, is not necessarily the one who is best to be deciding!
The “I” that directs is usually our ego, which so often wants what it is conditioned to believe it should want.
So much of the time, what is right for us according to our highest good is not actually what our ego or personality thinks it wants.
Resolutions so often fail because the conscious mind wants one thing, but the subconscious doesn’t align with that..
Maybe it doesn’t believe you to be worthy, or maybe there is too much fear or unprocessed emotion held around doing that thing, or maybe your deeper calling is for something else entirely.
The way to create deep, lasting change, is: 
👉 to bring the conscious and subconscious minds into alignment.
👉 to dive into who you are at a deeper level, and allow your guidance to come from your essence, your soul, your divine being-ness.
💎 From here, you naturally treat yourself well.
💞 From here, you naturally exude self-love, self-respect and worthiness.
So that when you say, “This is what I want…”,
that “I” isn’t simply your ego or conditioned personality..
that “I” is your higher Self
that is more deeply aligned with your own unique purpose and path on this Earth.


I went deeper into this subject live on Insta. You can <<< WATCH IT HERE >>>


So, if you are feeling to set (or update) any intentions or resolutions, may I invite you first to... 


  tune into your higher self, your own oracle within...  ✨ 
 ✨ Get still, get quiet, listen to that still, small voice of your soul.  ✨


It could be through meditating, journalling, getting out into nature, being creative.. art, making music..


One very powerful pathway for connecting in to higher wisdom, is working with plant medicines, such as Ayahuasca.

I've been working very intensively for over 10 years with this entheogenic tea, and she has supported me so deeply in realising my higher self and connecting to the divinity within.

Ayahuasca supports people to dive deep into their own innate wisdom and healing power, release beliefs that inhibit their natural, powerful expression and way of being in the world, and heal wounds that keep them from their true selves.
If you feel called to explore the potential Ayahuasca could offer you, feel free to reach out at [email protected] 


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