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live an extraordinary life navigating emotions Mar 31, 2024

My life right now is brimming with anticipation of exciting things to come. I feel an aliveness and vivacity in my being that I haven’t felt since many years, especially since the death of my beloved Norberto.

Time and time again, I’ve been shown that when I go through a deep release or letting go of things either within or outside of me, so much more beauty and magic flows into the space that has been opened.

To reap the full benefits of the freshness of spring requires us to go deep into the let go of winter.

Surrender and trust are crucial to this.

We have to be willing to fully feel our emotions, to let parts of us die, and to let go of people and projects in our life, to make space for what is aligned with who we are today.

Various things have been falling away in my life recently (as you may have heard). I also had an intense emotional release on the 4-year anniversary of Norberto‘s death on March 13th. 🌑  Out of this, I emerged anew.

Clinging on to what was only creates more pain and suffering.

I attribute the fact that I’m currently so full to bursting with creativity, inspiration and projects to birth to the fact that I’ve deeply surrendered into the let go..

🤯 Into the fully allowing of grief and rage to pass through me…

🥀 Into the of releasing attachments to projects that were once dear to my heart…

🌟 Into the trust that what Life is giving me is exactly what I need to experience in this lifetime...

For my own soul growth, and for what is my unique role to play in the Great Mystery.

And so, in sharing this, if things are challenging right now, I invite you to explore how it feels to release the reins of control and contraction slightly, and instead..

🌬️ to breath fresh space and expansion into what is contracted,

🪷 to offer your existence and your energy up to the divine itself, to embody the phrase

🍃 "Life, do with me what you will."

We can’t control what comes to us from the outside.

Yet we can control our in a relationship to it, and our internal experience.

So, do you choose contraction and struggle… Or do you choose to breath an expansive breath of fresh air, soften the reins and welcome a state of peace.. even amongst the challenge?

However intense the struggle, it really is possible to shift how you feel.

And, ironically, that struggle suddenly becomes easier to navigate! 


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With so much love and Spring blessings,

Milli 💗🌿

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