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I create music, as it is pure medicine!


Music soothes the soul,

opens the heart,

and gets the body moving.


Music gives expression to all the emotions of being human..

It holds us through our pains,

comforts us through our struggles,

and gets us out of a funk!


Music reminds us we are not alone.

It connects us to community.

It connects us to our divinity.

And it gives us a damn good time!!


Music is perhaps the most potent gateway to ecstasy and liberation.


It tunes us in to the keys and codes of existence itself!


For everything is vibration.


Hi, I'm Milli Moonstone.


I've been studying and performing voice and various instruments my whole life, since 6 years old.

For the past 20 years, I've been exploring sound specifically as a pathway for spiritual growth and inner transformation.

This led me to ceremony.

I've guided many thousands of people through deep inner journeys in over 800 Ayahuasca ceremonies. I've also played in live ecstatic dance bands, led singing circles and music retreats, and performed around the world with various acts. 

People claim that my music has deeply supported them in navigating even the most challenging experiences of life, and created a sense that they are held and loved in all that they are. 

They say that my deep attunement and playful style gently coaxes them into joining in, and singing and dancing with new-found freedom and wild abandon!


Milli's Ceremony-Style Extended Version Medicine Songs...


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‚ÄúMilli Moonstone‚Äôs deeply heartfelt and sacred music holds you completely in the unconditional love of the divine feminine, creating the space for deep transformation and healing...‚ÄĚ




Original Music...


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With uplifting songs, timeless mantras, improvised sonic journeys and guided meditations, Milli's music serves as an open invitation for a direct encounter with the beauty, the heartache, the wisdom, and the mystery of one's own being.

Shining Through


A full-length studio album of Milli’s original uplifting and inspiring songs, enriched with an array of instruments.

Milli’s deeply heartfelt music echoes from the core of her being, inviting the listener to the depths within themselves, into spaces of transformation and healing.  

Songs of empowerment to live your truth, to recognise the beauty within, to surrender into the flow of existence, to be love.


Earth Meditation


 A dynamic, guided meditation for grounding in the body and on this Earth, inviting free sound and movement to invoke the innate wisdom within.

Native Indian flute, harmonium, shamanic drum and shakers create a sacred, tribal sound journey to shake up the energy, release old patterns and step into powerful new ways of being.

Tuned to 432hz.



Air Meditation


 A 15-minute musical meditation that invokes the light, spacious, expansive qualities of Air within us.

Flute, voice and Freenote xylophone combined with bird song and koshi chimes create a dream-like soundscape of peace and tranquility.

Tuned to 396 hz, the healing solfeggio frequency for releasing fear, anxiety and guilt and opening to joy, peace and realising dreams. 






‚ÄúShe brings music into the world as naturally as her breath.‚ÄĚ




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