Use Your Voice to Shift Challenging Emotions

healing power of sound navigating emotions plant medicine Sep 25, 2023

Do you know the incredible healing power that your voice has?! Yes, yours!!!

 Even if you judge it, or think you have a terrible voice.. then, it has even greater power to heal you.. for there is a beautiful opportunity to transform that judgement into acceptance, or even love.


Using my voice to transmute challenging emotions has been a therapeutic tool I've used most of my life, even long before I'd even heard of therapy, spirituality or self-development.

Recently, in the midst of a painful period, I drew on one of my favourite tools for alchemising emotions and shifting my inner state...

Making random sounds with my voice!

What started out as a gutteral, ugly stream of consciousness of sounds, interlaced with wails of tears..

Became a rather beautiful improvisation, if I do say so myself!

As the lotus, from the mud emerged a beautiful creation 🪷

It is a healing journey with voice and guitar, rich in harmonics and inspired by Indian music.

🧘‍♀️ Science has proven that listening to sounds rich in harmonics alter our brainwaves, and effortlessly take us into more meditative states of consciousness.

You can listen to this improvisation <<< HERE >>>

It is 4 minute sound journey, that is ideal for meditation and journeying with psychedelic plant medicines,


And, for next time you are stuck in a difficult emotion that you wish to get out of, but just can't shift, I invite you to:

1. take a good breath and allow any sound to flow out on the exhale.

It doesn't matter what the sound is, or how it sounds!
Just let it be an expression of what you are experiencing or feeling.
 Give yourself permission to express as fully as you are able..
high-low, loud-soft, fast-slow, breathy-harsh, 
try different vowels or consonants

2. notice how you feel as you do this. Does anything change as you continue to sound? If so, let your sound express this new state/feeling.

It may become a melody as mine did, or it may stay as random sounds.
However it is is just perfect!

3. stop whenever you feel complete.


This simple technique has helped me a lot over the years.

Sending much love,
Milli 💗





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